Innovative Real Estate Solutions

Real estate and innovation. The words don’t really go together. There has been precious little of anything innovative in Australian real estate for the past 100 years.
Of course the internet itself was an incredibly useful innovation but that was given to, and not created by, the industry.
Useful new ideas are thin on the ground. Almost every real estate agency offers almost exactly the same service.
Agents list in the same online sites, write similar ads and similar headings, run open houses in the same way etc .
innovative real estate services
Real estate is such a vibrant and exciting industry that it’s a shame not to provide innovative real estate solutions to a market that is ripe for it.
What kind of innovative real estate services are needed?
How about a real estate agency that doesn’t charge you any commission at all?
Believe it or not such agencies do exist and the best one is
You will find that the PropertyNow agency has turned Australian real estate sales on its head. The agency has been an extremely positive but disruptive presence in Australian property for over a decade.
You should no longer accept real estate agent mediocrity or agent complacency. Demand more from your agent and even consider selling it yourself with no commission payable through the guys at PropertyNow
A fine way to learn more is to get your hands on our free Amazon Best Seller. It will put things into perspective in regard to the state of Australian real estate sales.